James Alexander discovered his love for film when he was first introduced to a VHS camcorder around the age of twelve years old. Soon after, he and his friends became obsessed with re-making horror films after watching ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ together. The woods behind their homes became a cherished film set. James hasn’t put a camera down since.

Later on, James attended film school in The North East of England where he found himself in the presence of other aspiring filmmakers. It was there that James first watched ‘Paris,Texas’ a film that would inspire his future love of the American landscape. Seeing America through foreign eyes, like Wim Wenders did, is something James hopes to capture within his own work.

Four years ago he made his first trip to California. This experience inspired him to start writing his first feature film, entitled ‘Two Sisters’ which is a road movie set in Californian desert.

James is also currently in the process of releasing his first photo-book, a collection of Film Photography and writings based around lost love. The book portrays photographs of real people he has met on the road in America, with their own very deep and personal stories.